Air Adventures offers experiential flights for small groups within easy distance from home - normally one day return, although some of our air tours are overnight to enhance the experience.

Our air tours are designed for 4 to 8 passengers - to fly into unusual & different locations to create an unforgettable adventure!

BigglesAir pilots have many years of flying experience, maintaining the highest levels of safety & aviation knowledge.

Joining the is easy and FREE - our members page offers rewards!

Air tours:
  • √ Wineries with "behind the scenes" tour & delicious lunch
  • √ Hidden bush locations with fabulous pubs & local activities
  • √ Drop-off with bike ride and sensational food
  • √ Mystery tour to pristine island
  • √ Flights to high country and remote locations
  • √ Golf with fine local delicacies ......and many more !!